Contractor Bid Proposal Template: Residential Bid Proposal Lite Edition (New!)

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FormDocs Residential Bid Proposal Lite lets you quickly fill-in and respond to customers who are waiting to receive your Proposal. It also organizes and tracks Proposals so you can find any one in seconds. Completed Proposals can be printed for insertion into a double-window envelope for postal mailing or they can be e-Mailed to customers as a PDF document. It's simple and easy to use!

Contractor Bid Proposal Form Template
Contractor Bid Proposal. Click to enlarge
  • Shows an on-screen full-size Residential Bid Proposal Template

  • Enter unlimited lines of text to describe your product or service

  • Customize with your company information and logo

  • Customize your own Terms & Conditions

  • Customize an optional Debt Collection clause

  • Customize an optional Consumer Rights clause

  • Automatically creates an optional cover letter

  • Automatically calculates and spells-out dollar amounts

  • Shows an alphabetical list of Proposals by customer name

  • Completed Proposals can be printed or e-mailed as PDF

For Contractors who don't want or need to create their own forms, this package includes one (1) ready-to-use Residential Bid Proposal form and one (1) customer database pre-configured for immediate use. The form designing and configuring has been done for you so no form-designer application is included.

* If you need residential or commercial Bid Proposals with full page terms and conditions or more customizable features, click here to see our higher-priced products that include a form-designer application.