FormDocs or Formatta®?

Both are popular products. Both enable you to create and fill-in the forms you need to run your business. So we're proud when world-class organizations such as PBS Public Television, AirTran Airways and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department choose to purchase FormDocs for their electronic forms solutions. Are there reasons why you might choose FormDocs? We invite you to compare and then decide for yourself!

Important FormDocs Features Formdocs
Max records in one file 2,000,000
Max concurrent users able to share one file 100
Add business rules with VBA-compatible scripting YES
Provides AutoFill Wizard for connecting forms to databases and spreadsheets YES
Drop-down list can display entries from external databases and spreadsheets YES
Use server-issued or self-issued Digital Certificates for digitally signing forms YES
Choose to digitally sign individual form fields or entire form YES
Provides Forms Automation without needing Server software YES
E-Mail filled-in form as PDF YES
Archive filled-in form as PDF or TIF YES
Optional API Software Development Kit YES

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Special Offer for Large Organizations:
FormDocs provides some of the most cost effective volume licensing in the industry. For example, you can provide FormDocs' powerful and easy to use "intelligent" form-filling software to 100 users for only $50 per seat. Affordable volume licensing for smaller groups of 3, 5, 10, 20, or 50 users is also available. Download a free trial to learn more...

Special Offer for Formatta® Users:
Already using Formatta® desktop forms software? FormDocs provides a way for you to convert your existing form files to the FormDocs format so that you can benefit from FormDocs' powerful features, affordability, and ease of use. Read how.