Fix Common Problems

License and Installation

[+] I already purchased a FormDocs license but it still says I have a free or expired trial and it's prompting me to buy it again.
[+] While trying to install, I get a message, "Invalid registration code or licensee name".
[+] I get a message that my FormDocs license has been installed too many times.
[+] I want to move FormDocs from one computer to another.
[+] I lost my FormDocs license information.
[+] I lost my FormDocs software.

FormDocs Office (Legacy)

[+] I have FormDocs Office and can't find FormDocs Designer.
[+] I have FormDocs Office with multiple users but not everyone can open and share the same form file.
[+] I have FormDocs Office and get the message: "The number of concurrent users has exceeded the number of available licenses".


[+] When I try to e-mail a form using Microsoft Outlook I don't get a message-compose window, or the message just sits in the Outbox without being sent, or I get "mail system error 0x80004002".
[+] When I try to e-mail a form using Microsoft Outlook I get "Mail System Error Number: 0x8004010f.
[+] When I try to e-mail a form using any Microsoft Mail (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail) I get a (different) error message.
[+] I have tried all the fixes described above and still cannot e-mail a form using Microsoft Outlook.
[+] When I try to e-mail a form using Gmail or other web-mail I get an error message.

Document Conversion

[+] Where can I get the "Print to Formdocs" driver?
[+] The FormDocs Converter is not able to convert my document to FormDocs.


[+] I get a message "Unable to access the printer".
[+] My Autofill drop-down list works on my computer but not on other computers.
[+] I want to change the serial numbers I get on my form.
[+] I am missing records in my FormDocs file.
[+] My problem is not listed here