FormDocs replaces Omniform®

Good News for Omniform users!

In 2013 Nuance stopped selling and supporting Omniform in order to focus on their speech and language technology products.

Today, if you call Nuance seeking support for your Omniform software, they will refer you to us, FormDocs, and our product, FormDocs Forms Management Software. FormDocs is an electronic form design, form filling and forms management software similar to Omniform, but with on-going development and support for over 500,000 users worldwide. FormDocs also provides substantial improvements in file-size capacity, performance, and forms-automation features not found in Omniform.

FormDocs offers Omniform users a migration path so that they can switch from using Omniform and begin using FormDocs, instead, with minimum interruption. You can download the Omniform to FormDocs Conversion Guide by clicking here.

Is FormDocs compatible with the most recent Windows versions?

Yes, FormDocs is fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7, in both 32-bit and 64-bit. FormDocs runs on all Windows desktop, laptop, and tablet computers. Formdocs is not compatible with Windows RT, a specialized version designed for small devices like smartphones.

Can FormDocs open Omniform files (*.ofm)?

No, FormDocs cannot open Omniform files. But by performing a series of conversion steps, Omniform files can salvaged for re-use with FormDocs.

What are the conversion steps?

There are two (2) steps. The first is to convert the Omniform form design to a FormDocs form design, and the second is to export Omniform data to an ASCII text file and then import that data into FormDocs. The result is a FormDocs form file having the same look and feel and data content as it did in Omniform.

How can I convert my Omniform form design to FormDocs?

  • If you are still able to run Omniform then you can install the FormDocs Conversion utility on the same computer (i.e. you will have Omniform and Formdocs installed and running on the same computer). The FormDocs Converter will do its best to convert the Omniform form design to a FormDocs form design. The result will be a form design file that you can 'touch-up' and edit in FormDocs Designer. Similar to Omniform Designer, the FormDocs Designer is the application in which you can create and edit form designs.

  • Or you can scan a paper copy of your form into FormDocs just like you originally did in Omniform.

  • Another method is to simply use FormDocs Designer and its form-drawing tools to re-create your form design from scratch.

  • You can also employ FormDocs professional services to re-create your form designs and deliver to you a finished product that you can start using immediately. Cost is based on the number and complexity of pages in the form and you can request a free quote by contacting FormDocs Sales.

Where can I learn more about Formdocs?

The following is general information about FormDocs:

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 Compatible


Max data in one file

2,000 MB

Max records in one file


Max pages


Max open forms


Max entries in drop-down list


Max concurrent users able to share one file over a network


Convert filled form to PDF


E-Mail filled form as PDF


Add business rules with scripting


View or modify SQL


Provides server-issued or self-issued Digital Certificates or handwriting gestures for digitally signing forms


Supports Terminal Server/Citrix


Customer Support by E-Mail


* limited only by available memory