Purchase Requisition Form Template

Purchasing Request Forms are easy with FormDocs!

What is a Purchase Requisition? A Purchase Requisition is one business form your organization can’t do without! Purchase Requisition Form, Purchase Requisition Template, Purchase Request, Purchasing Requisitions... regardless of what you call it, FormDocs digital forms software lets you easily create and manage your traditional Purchase Requisitions, or any Purchase Requisition format, without investing in a dedicated and expensive system. Now you and your users can fill-in, save, print and e-mail any Purchase Requisition form with just a few simple commands and no complex training!

Purchase Requisition Example
Sample Requisition Form. Click to enlarge

Best of all, with FormDocs you don’t need to change your existing Purchase Requisition process. Because FormDocs lets you build a Purchase Requisition system that works exactly the way you do today – but, equally as important, it also gives you options for adding-on powerful new features that will make your life even easier!

For example, if you routinely make purchasing requisitions for the same items, you can link your FormDocs Purchase Requisition forms to an external list of your vendors and their products that are stored and maintained elsewhere, such as in an Excel spreadsheet, Access database, or SQL database. Then, when it’s time to fill-in a new Purchase Requisition form, you simply pick from an alphabetical drop-down list of your vendors and/or their named products that appears on your Purchase Requisition form, and all of the related data such as vendor contact information, part numbers, descriptions, pricing, etc. will automatically populate onto your purchase requisition form so that you don’t need to type those in. Even dollar amounts for multiple quantities and column totals can automatically be calculated for you.

Other helpful features:

  • FormDocs lets you create an exact duplicate of the Purchase Requisition form you already use today, or you can get started with our ready-to-use sample Purchase Requisition template which is automatically customized with your business name, address, phone number and your company logo.
  • FormDocs securely stores all your Purchase Requisition forms in a simple-to-use, zero-administration database so you can quickly list, sort, or find one or more Purchase Requisitions in mere seconds.
  • Unique and sequential numbers are automatically generated for Purchase Requisitions you create.
  • You and others can sign and approve Purchase Request forms with digital signing *.
  • You can e-Mail your completed Purchase Requests as native FormDocs files to other FormDocs workgroup members such as Supervisors or Buyers, or as PDF documents so that any recipient can open, read, and print them.
  • To view a FormDocs Purchase Requisition example, click the image above to expand it.

Try it for yourself!

To see first-hand what it’s like to fill-in and work with an actual FormDocs Purchase Requisition sample form that is linked to an external vendor and parts database, do the followng:

  1. Download and install the fully-functional FormDocs Free Trial
  2. Open FormDocs Filler
  3. click "New" on the FormDocs Filler "File" menu, and then click the tab titled, "Purchasing"
  4. Select the FormDocs form template named, "Purchase Requisition (Advanced)", and then click OK
  5. A blank Purchase Requisition form will appear in the FormDocs Filler window
  6. click the red-colored instructions link located at the top of the Purchase Requisition to learn how to fill-in and use the form

* More about forms routing and digital signing...

A common Purchase Requisition system scenario is the following: you complete a Purchase Request form which then needs sequential review and approval by multiple persons. Using FormDocs optional forms routing feature, you create a 'routing slip' which will automatically send the Purchase Requisition form to your list of recipients in the order you specify; upon reviewing the form, each recipient has the option to indicate their approval by digitally signing it and then 'routing' it on to the next person or, they can return it to the sender for requested corrections or additions. Learn more about Digital Signing and Forms Routing.

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