FormDocs™ Product Choices

There are several editions of FormDocs electronic forms software. Each edition provides increasing levels of functionality tailored to meet the needs of every size and type of organization. Choose the edition that's right for you...


FormDocs Draw & Fill

FormDocs Draw & Fill is personal forms management for the average home office and small business user. It provides everything you need to design, fill-in, save, print (or fax) any type of form. Includes built-in spell checking, automatic serial numbers, drop-down lists, easy-to-define calculations, AutoFill lookups that let you pre-fill forms with information from your databases and spreadsheets, and import/export. Automatically organizes thousands of records in a simple-to-use, zero-administration Forms Database so you can quickly search for and retrieve any form. * Does not include the feature to scan paper forms and convert files. Forms are created using form-drawing tools, instead. To scan paper forms and convert files, see FormDocs Scan & Fill, below.

FormDocs Draw & Fill Designer
Includes one FormDocs Filler
$449.95 Buy Now!

FormDocs Scan & Fill (same as free trial)

FormDocs Scan & Fill is professional forms management for businesses wanting to more fully automate their paperwork using electronic forms. Includes all of FormDocs Draw & Fill features PLUS these additional features:
  • Scan and convert your paper forms to fill-able FormDocs forms. Also convert Word, PDF, and other files to fill-able FormDocs forms. Saves hours of form-design effort.
  • E-Mail as PDF to your customers and business partners completed forms such as bid proposals, inspection reports, purchase orders and invoices. Those recipients can immediately view and print the forms as soon as they arrive in their in-box. Eliminates the delay and expense of postal mailing or faxing!
  • Attach relevant photos, drawings, documents or files to any FormDocs form. This lets you save an unlimited amount of associated information with a form so that you can keep everything together in 'one place'.
  • Capture handwritten signatures using a Windows Tablet computer or popular signature pad devices from Topaz and Interlink.
  • Optionally add rich decision-making intelligence to your forms using Forms Automation Basic (FAB) scripting. Express your Business Rules with IF..THEN..ELSE statements that can automatically validate, skip-over, go to, or correct the information you enter. Or add custom buttons and menus to your forms!
  • Automatically organizes up to a million records in FormDocs' simple-to-use, zero-administration Forms Database.
FormDocs Scan & Fill Designer
Includes one FormDocs Filler
$499.95 Buy Now!


FormDocs Filler (Only)

FormDocs Filler is the affordable way to give everyone in your organization the ability to fill-in forms, on both networked and standalone computers. Includes these additional features:
  • Lets multiple users on a LAN or VPN concurrently open and share forms in a FormDocs Forms Database - without overwriting each other's work. FormDocs is the only forms software that provides this critical file-sharing, record-locking safety feature! See how...
  • Lets users save and share forms in Sharepoint storage or in Cloud storage including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon WorkDocs.
  • Provides Digital Signatures so you can optionally approve, secure, and authenticate the information on your Forms. Helps you to achieve compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other mandates that require you to ensure the integrity of your information and the accountability of users who enter and modify that information.
  • Provides Forms Routing so that you can optionally send your forms to other FormDocs recipients in a sequential fashion in order to obtain their input and/or digital signature approval. Enables you to create simple and effective workflow without the typical expense and administration.
  • Does not include any FormDocs Designer or form templates. At least one FormDocs Designer must be purchased separately in order to create fill-able forms.
Additional FormDocs Filler, each $199.95 Buy Now!


FormDocs Edition Comparison Chart

Features Scan & Fill Draw & Fill Filler Only
Design Forms Yes Yes No
Fill-in Forms Yes Yes Yes
Scan & convert paper forms to Fill-able forms Yes No No
Convert Word & PDF to Fill-able forms Convert PDF, Word, Excel Documents Yes No No
Forms Database with List, Search & Sort Forms Database Searching Yes Yes Yes
Rich text editing Yes Yes Yes
Calculations Form Field Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Data Validation Fillable Form Field Data Types Yes Yes Yes
Serial Numbering Yes Yes Yes
Spell Checking Yes Yes Yes
Drop-down lists Drop Down List Field AutoFill Illustration Yes Yes Yes
Link to ODBC Database ODBC Database Field AutoFill Illustration Yes Yes Yes
Link to Spreadsheet Excel Spreadsheet Field AutoFill Illustration Yes Yes Yes
Import/Export Yes Yes Yes
Euro and locale support Yes Yes Yes
Export to PDF Yes No Yes
E-Mail as PDF Yes No Yes
Attach Photos & Files Document Attachment Illustration Yes No Yes
Digitally Sign (point & click) Form Document Signature Capture Illustration Yes No Yes
Digitally Sign (Windows Tablet computer) Form Document Signature Capture Illustration Yes No Yes
Digitally Sign (signature pad) Form Document Signature Capture Illustration Yes No Yes
Forms Automation Scripting Yes No Yes
Multi-user License Multi-User File Sharing Illustration No No Yes
Install on a network No No Yes
Forms Routing Workflow Forms Workflow Routing Illustration Yes No Yes
Multi-user file sharing Multi-User File Sharing Illustration No No Yes
Citrix-compatible No No Yes
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