Healthcare and Medical Forms

FormDocs lets you easily design and fill-in your own customized healthcare and medical forms to record patient information, clinical data, or laboratory results. FormDocs is used extensively by healthcare providers worldwide (hospital, clinic, nursing home, assisted living center, private practice...), and by practitioners of all types (physician, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health services counselor, therapist, visiting nurse, clinician, and social worker).

Whether you need to design patient intake forms, treatment evaluation forms, or health assessment forms, FormDocs enables you to create forms that comply with all regulatory and statutory reporting standards - down to the smallest detail, including spell checking your medical terminology.

Patient Admission Form Template
Patient Admission. Click to enlarge

For providers interested in HIPAA compliance, the FormDocs digital signature feature can be used to authenticate and secure patient information by requiring healthcare personnel to electronically sign forms they originate, modify or review.

Filled-in forms are securely stored and organized in a simple-to-use, zero-administration Forms Database for quick retrieval so that you can locate in seconds any form by patient name, number, or other criteria.

  • Use our ready-made sample forms, convert your paper forms or files, or design your own custom forms.

  • If you already have patient or detail data in your own databases and spreadsheets, you can easily link that data to your forms for automatic fill-in using drop-down lists of names, Id's, codes, descriptions, and other routine information so that you'll spend less time typing.Database Form AutoFill Illustration

  • Enter an unlimited number of line items.

  • Enter an unlimited amount of narrative text.

  • Automatically and accurately calculate multiple rows, columns, sub-totals, and grand totals.

  • Insert or attach copies of charts, x-rays, photos, notes and other documents to any form so that all related information remains bound together. Document Attachment Illustration

  • Capture patient handwritten signatures using a Windows Tablet computer or popular signature pad devices. Document Patient Signature Capture Illustration

  • Export information from a form and import it into your back-end databases and spreadsheets.

  • Convert your paper forms, or MS Word and Adobe PDF files, into fill-able FormDocs forms.

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