Need to replace your InForms® Software?

Look no further! FormDocs for Windows is a great replacement for your InForms® software.

FormDocs is a popular and powerful Forms Management Application that runs on all Windows platforms including Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Like InForms®, it contains all of the features you need to build powerful Electronic Forms solutions, including ODBC and ADO database connectivity, calculations, e-Mail, and the added plus of a built-in VBA-compatible scripting language called FAB (short for Forms Automation Basic)..

Most importantly, FormDocs includes their exclusive FormDocs Converter - a utility to help you convert your existing InForms® files to FormDocs - saving your organization weeks and months of migration effort. Need additional help? Not a problem... FormDocs' highly experienced customer support staff can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure a smooth transition from InForms® to FormDocs.

And after you convert to FormDocs, you'll enjoy the security of knowing you've invested in a rock-stable software product that has provided uninterrupted world-class performance and support to its international customer base since 2000...

Ready to learn more? Click here to see why PBS Public Television, AirTran Airways, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, and many other world-class organizations recently chose FormDocs as their preferred Electronic Forms software solution!