FormDocs or SmartDraw®?

Both are popular products. Both enable you to design and fill-in the forms you need to run your business. But many world-class organizations found one product to be more affordable, far more powerful, and much easier to use than the other! Which one? We want you to compare both and then decide for yourself!

Feature FormDocs SmartDraw 6.0
Validate data entry events YES NO
Database AutoFill Feature YES NO
Max records in one file 2,000,000 1
Max concurrent users able to share one file 100 1
Perform Complex Calculations YES NO
Convert filled form to PDF YES NO
E-Mail filled form as PDF YES NO
Digitally sign forms YES NO
Add business rules w scripting YES NO
Connect form to database(s) YES NO
*Source: SmartDraw 6.0 Help file.

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